Scoring app for the game Mölkky

A complete in-game scoring app for Mölkky.

Mölkky (sometimes called Finska) is a Finnish outdoor game.

Mölkky has become popular especially as a "summer cottage game" as it only requires simple equipment and can easily be played regardless of age and size.

The score count is relatively simple, but according to the standard rules, the order of each round changes so that the player with the lowest score starts to throw. This makes it difficult to manage the score with paper and pen.

In addition, it is important to keep track of your score, as the winner is the one who gets exactly 50 points. The MölkkyMaster app therefore calls out which player is next to throw, as well as how many points are needed to win.

On demand, the app can also call out the total standing.

This, together with a simple and intuitive interface, makes MölkkyMaster unique among Mölkky apps and the best choice for any active Mölkky player.

MölkkyMaster can be used in Swedish, English, French, German and Finnish. More languages will be added continually.

The app works on iPhone and iPad and is free to download in the App Store:

Download on the App Store

MölkkyMaster for Android will be launched shortly.